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At Master Bolt, we do not manufacture washers, and rarely do we manufacture nuts. However, in order to better provide for our customers and give them the best customer service, we do hold a large inventory of each so that we can still be the one-stop shop. Everything we do at Master Bolt is designed to make your job easier, and we just want it to be as convenient as possible.

We are in the process of setting up and ordering tooling to manufacture washers and nuts in house. Currently, there are only a few manufacturers of nuts and they are able to set their own pricing because there isn’t a lot of competition. We plan to minimize cost and lead time on custom nuts once we are set up and running. 

The process for manufacturing nuts is first, buying hex or square raw material specific to size. Once the material arrives it is cut to length. After the material has been cut to length it is drilled and then tapped. Next, the nut will be machined to provide radius and flats. If required by our customer, the nut will be heat treated to Grade 5 or above. 

Washers manufacturing process starts with ordering round bar stock, cut it to length, drill the hole, machine and then heat treated or plated if required by our customer. 



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