Master Bolt Provides the Military with Top-Quality Fasteners

At Master Bolt, our specialty is customization. We manufacture, test, and develop quality fasteners for many industries.  Our products are created with close inspection and multiple rounds of testing to ensure we deliver extactly what you need. Though we place our highest concerns on manufacturing your parts to the exact specifications,  we are also all about on-time delivery. We know how important it is to our customers that they get the parts they need when they need them, especially in the military industry.  

Master Bolt supplies fasteners for the military | Elyria, OH

Quality Customized Parts on Time, 100% of the Time

In the Military, everything needs to meet every single specification, no matter how stringent. In order to manufacture such rigorous specs on every part, you have to have the experience and the systems in place to do so. That is exactly what we have at Master Bolt.

We have years of experience supplying the military industry with customized fasteners for a wide variety of applications. We are proud to say that in all of those years, we have always delivered our quality products on-time. 

We even have specialty experience in supplying fasteners for naval vessels and submarines.



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Custom Bolt Manufacturer for the Military

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