Rods, Pins, & Studs

Manufacturing Custom and Standard Rods, Pins, and Studs

At Master Bolt, we have a huge inventory of rods, pins, and studs. We can craft your product from any material, to any size, length, or thread to better help you with your applications.

The rods and pins manufacturing process starts with cutting the material to length, next we heat the ends of the blank through an induction process, then forge the head. After the head has been formed the rods and pins are drilled in the location specified on the blueprint.

Studs start off as round bar stock, the bar stock is then cut to the length specified on the blueprint. The ends are then threaded. After threading, if required, the studs are heat treated and or plated.



Standard Inventory and Customizable



Custom Rods, Pins and Studs Manufacturer in Elyria, OH

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