Why Choose Master Bolt for Your Fastener Needs?

By Master Bolt
July 24, 2019 Category: Advantages, Custom Products

Master Bolt is a very family-oriented type of manufacturer. We provide great customer service with honesty and integrity. What youll get from us is a fast turnaround and a quality product that you will receive with the utmost professionalism in our industry. Knowledgeable Customer Service Our customer service representatives can answer any questions that you may have on a phone call. The experience that we have and the knowledge that our customer service has is impeccable. They know the product inside and out, they understand steels, they understand grades, they understand specifications. So, when you call Master Bolt, you will get an answer or some type of feedback very quickly from our team. Success Through Partnership Our motto is, we want to be the solution to your problem. If we cant help immediately, well find somebody that can help us or get the right information. We do have a lot of resources available to us. For example, our heat-treating facility can provide a lot of data

Manufacturing Custom Fasteners is our Specialty at Master Bolt

By Master Bolt
June 19, 2019 Category: Fasteners, Custom Products, Industries

Manufacturing Custom Fasteners is our Specialty at Master Bolt We do a lot of specialty parts and custom products for our customers. We started back in 1985, where we were just making button heads, but now, we can manufacture over 100 different types of heads; we can pretty much do everything in our shop. Continued Customer Satisfaction We dont just offer specialty parts; at Master Bolt, we offer specialty customer service too! We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers get exactly what they need. Sometimes the customers come to us with a custom part asking us if we can make it. If we have not made it before, we work with you to make sure we understand what you need. Then we work together to do some research and development on the part until we get it 100% right. Then we can send the samples of what we made and then if you like it, we make as many as you need. Custom Heading and Threading In the photos, you can see a few of the unique fasteners we have manufactured

Master Bolt Offers Custom Bolts for Any Industry, Anywhere

By Master Bolt
June 04, 2019 Category: Fasteners, Custom Products, Industries

Master Bolt Offers Custom Bolts for Any Industry, Anywhere At Master Bolt, we create custom and standard bolts and a variety of other fasteners for a wide array of industries and applications. We are a hot heading operation meaning we use induction units to heat up the part. And once the part heated up, we stick it into the machine and then we can form pretty much any head known to man. One-Stop Shop for Standard and Custom Fasteners We make our own tooling, which allows us to manufacture bolts of any size, length, or thread. We do have ten headers anywhere from one to two inches in diameter. Once they are headed, it goes through the rest of the shop. We can point them, we can trim them, we can thread them, drill them, or machine them. We can create and bolt you need whether its a custom make or if you just need your bolts threaded. Our team is here to help your operations run smoother. Industries We Serve Our operations started as a single bolt manufacturer for the railroad industry.

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