continuous improvement with MRP software | Part Number system | Master BoltMRP Inventory, Quality Controls, and Procedure Improvements 

In our last blog, we talked about our new MRP upgrade we recently implemented at Master Bolt. The MRP or manufacturing resource plan is a software system that helps us make our processes more systemic and organized, which allows us to better serve our customers. 

Inventory, Quality Control, and Procedures

Inventory Part Numbers

Inventory control at Master Bolt is huge because the majority of our customers need us to stock certain parts for them so they can have them as soon as they need them. We can accommodate small orders, large orders, and anywhere in between. 

One process that we were able to improve with the new MRP upgrade was a numbering system for all of the parts we keep in-house. As we stock such a large inventory, keeping up with all of the different parts can get a little hectic. With the new number system, we can easily find the exact part we are looking for very quickly. 

Quality Control

Within our new MRP software, we are able to track any non-conformities that we do have, although they are very rare for us at Master Bolt. We are able to investigate and identify any causes that created these mistakes and fix the issue.

Document Procedures

Our new MRP systems also allows us to track all of our documents. As soon as a document is created, the system assigns it a number, which makes it easier to find. Then once the document is ready, it goes through an approval process and is sent to every team member. This process helps us solidify our documentation process and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Overall, our MRP software allows us to be better for our customers. We can provide them with better than ever customer service and products that are sure to last. If you need standard or custom hardware such as bolts, rivets, spikes, and more, contact us today at Master Bolt.

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