Manufacturing Resource Plan Upgrade for Better Customer ServiceManufacturing Resource Plan Upgrade for Better Customer Service

If you have ever heard of Master Bolt, then you know about our dedication to continuous improvement. We focus on bettering our internal processes so that we can better serve our customers with the custom hardware they need. 

One of the ways that we have recently improved is with our new MRP upgrade. MRP stands for manufacturing resource plan, which is a system that allows us to allocate our resources, have them all in one place, which makes things more systemic and effective.

Quoting Software 

This MRP upgrade improved our quoting system, which allows us to make our processes more autonomous with better accuracy. The new system allows us to take into account the type of material, the weight, the tooling needed, the outsourcing of the product, and whether or not it will need additional services such as heat-treating or plating.

We're able to answer the cycle time that it takes to manufacture the product and set a fixed cost to it that then automatically calculates the cost to make the product. 

Scheduling and Lead Times

Within the new MRP software, we're able to set a schedule for the jobs that come in. They are tracked by the due dates, which allows us to quickly access the schedule. Say a customer needed to expedite something. We can see if we can switch things around to get our customers out of a bind.

Routers Make Tracking Orders Easy

Once a work order is generated, the router is created, and that router is there until the order has been completed. The great thing about this is that we can use any computer anywhere to check the status of the order to make sure it is going to be on time. 

These are just a few examples of all of the great benefits of our updated MRP software. To learn more about why working with Master Bolt is the best choice for all of your fastener needs, contact us today!

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