Steel Blanket Partnerships Allow Continuous Improvement | Master BoltSteel Blanket Partnerships Allow Continuous Improvement

As we continue to grow at Master Bolt, we are always looking for new ways to make our systems and practices more efficient, so we can reduce costs and pass those savings along to our customers. One way we have been able to successfully accomplish this recently was with our steel blanket partnership with our steel providers.

Our Newest Partners

We have teamed up with two steel companies who will be holding our steel for us. On average, we have millions and millions of pounds of steel go through our plant every year. In the past, we would have to house all of the steel when we ordered it for our jobs. This would take up a lot of space and money.

So, with our new partnership, our steel providers will house our steel until we are ready for it per each order. Say we need 20 thousand pounds of steel to start an order, it will take about two days to get to us and before we run out, we call up our partners again, and they will send us another order. This really helps with our productivity because we have established a great flow. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Master Bolt is to continuously improve internally so that we can help out customers and partners improve as well. By making our systems more efficient, we can lower our costs, and ensure high-quality products that are delivered on time. 

Contact Us

If you are in need of custom or standard industrial hardware, look no further than Master Bolt. Visit us online or contact us today to see what we have to offer and how we can help you in your industry. 

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