Continuous Improvement: Better Parts, Better Processes, Better Master BoltContinuous Improvement:
Better Parts, Better Processes, Better Master Bolt

Our mission at Master Bolt to continuously improve, whether that be improving our processes, our products, our facility, and, most importantly, our customer experience and satisfaction. Though we always have focused on growth and efficiency, over the last year or so we have really done a lot to improve ourselves so that we can improve our customers. 

How Has Master Bolt Improved?

Just one example of how we have improved in the last year is with our head dye processes. With our research and development team, we were able to create a process for our head dye coating system. This new system allows us to dramatically increase the longevity of our products. 

In addition, this new process has allowed us to create 3,000 parts at once instead of only 1,000. This not only saves us time, money, and manpower, but it saves our customers time and money while also providing them with a better, long-lasting product. 

How Else Have We Improved?

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If you are in need of custom or standard hardware for your industry, Master Bolt is the go-to for all things fasteners. We pride ourselves on our incredible customer service and always put the customer first. Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about our products. 

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Our number one property at Master Bolt is to always improve ourselves so we can help our customers improve. If you have seen any of our blogs or other videos, you know that our continuous improvement program is very important to

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