MANUFACTURING CUSTOM FASTENERS IS OUR SPECIALTY AT MASTER BOLTManufacturing Custom Fasteners is our Specialty at Master Bolt

We do a lot of specialty parts and custom products for our customers. We started back in 1985, where we were just making button heads, but now, we can manufacture over 100 different types of heads; we can pretty much do everything in our shop. 

Continued Customer Satisfaction

We don't just offer specialty parts; at Master Bolt, we offer specialty customer service too! We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers get exactly what they need. 

Sometimes the customers come to us with a custom part asking us if we can make it. If we have not made it before, we work with you to make sure we understand what you need. Then we work together to do some research and development on the part until we get it 100% right. Then we can send the samples of what we made and then if you like it, we make as many as you need.

Custom Heading and Threading

Custom heading and threading on fasteners from Master Bolt | Elyria, Ohio

In the photos, you can see a few of the unique fasteners we have manufactured in the past, including rod ends, T-head bolts, hex heads, rivets. You can also see the different threading in each of these examples. We can customize any kind of coarse thread, fine thread, roll threading. 

Specialty Parts for Your Industry

We have experience manufacturing specialty fasteners for many different industries. No matter what type of work you do, we can make you a bolt, rivet, or whatever else you may need to create a strong hold on your applications and appliances! 

Contact us at Master Bolt today if you have any questions about the products we can create or if you need a specialty part manufactured for your industry!


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