custom and standard bolt manufacturing services

Master Bolt is a manufacturer of custom and standard bolts and other fasteners used across a wide array of industries. Our custom capabilities allow us to give you the exact product you need no matter how unique. These capabilities also allow us to offer you many other services.

Services Offered by Master Bolt:

Product Development

Over the years, we have accumulated numerous types of machines that enable us to create our own tooling. This is great for our customers as we assist them in research and development.

Hot Heading Bolts

We have the capability to form ½" up to 2" diameter fasteners, bolts, from 2" to 100" in length. Common head configurations include square, hex, carriage, dome, round, countersunk and spikes.


We also offer centerless grinding and surface grinding, which allows for a more mirror-like finish to your final products.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is the process of stripping a metal surface with a constant, high-speed stream of steel particles.


We can do cut threading and roll threading to any length.

Heat Treating and Plating

We partner with our neighbors down the road who help us heat treat and plate any of our products that we need to. Their close proximity to us keeps turnaround times short and on time. 

We can do various styles of heat treating, such as galvanizing, and plating styles, such as zinc, clear zinc, and yellow plating.

Other Outside Machining

We have other partners near us who assist us in metallurgical consulting and other services so you can have a one-stop-shop experience when it comes to all of your fastener needs. 

Whether you need a standard or custom bolt or other types of fastener, there is no better choice than Master Bolt. Our quality customer service, paired with our comprehensive services and capabilities make your job quick and simple.

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Domestic Nut and Bolt Manufacturer

By Master Bolt
February 13, 2020 Category: Advantages, Fasteners

Since 1983, Master Bolt has been manufacturing and distributing custom and standard fasteners for all types of industries. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for all of your fastener needs and offering affordable products that work the first time every time.

Custom Specialty Hex Head Manufacturing

By Master Bolt
February 07, 2020 Category: Custom Products, Advantages

Our specialty at Master Bolt is manufacturing custom and standard fasteners for many industries. We can create any bolt, rivet, spike, and other fasteners with specialized hex heads for any need you might have.

CNC Custom Fasteners from Master Bolt

By Maste Bolt
January 31, 2020 Category: CNC Capabilities, Custom Products

We have added a lot of new capabilities to our services at Master Bolt over the last few years. One of our newer capabilities comes with our new CNC equipment.

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